1/5/2015: 2014 real estate round-up

Neighborhood market could not have been stronger this year.  Homes selling in 1 day with multiple offers.  Buyers waiving home inspections, financing contingencies.  Bid wars all over the place.  Let’s take a look at some numbers, shall we you guys?

Avg. list price:  $747k

Avg. sale price: $786k

# of homes sold over asking price: 7

Biggest over-ask: 35 Derby (listed for $910k, sold for $1.1M)

Biggest under-ask: 420 Waltham (listed for $899k, sold for $800k)

Avg. days on market: 8

Most expensive: 35 Derby ($1.1M)

35 Derby

Least expensive: 164 Fairway ($640k)

164 Fairway

Closest to Randlett Park: 12 Bunker Lane (approx 100 feet)

12 Bunker