10/18/2017: Intersection at Waltham/Derby/Fairway is dangerous and we’re doing something about it

Yesterday my son almost got hit crossing Waltham at Derby & Fairway. 2 weeks ago Terrence and his family were almost hit in the crosswalk. There have been over a dozen accidents at this intersection. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed.

Last June the there was a public traffic council hearing about it at City Hall. The council was considering a 4 way stop sign but ultimately decided against it citing traffic stats.


Well that’s some bullshit you guys and not good enough. Our kids cross that intersection everyday to get to school. We’re driving through there constantly.

So here’s whats happening:

Terrence is all over the city.  He’s emailed the mayor, councilors, even people running for mayor to address it. James Cote, Councilor Ward 3, is fed up too with this and bringing it up at tonight’s Public Safety & Transportation meeting. Ted Hess Mahan agrees as well and is encouraging the city to take action.

Miles is creating an appeal to turn Derby into a 1 way street heading towards Franklin. This will reduce traffic and prevent drivers coming from Derby making dangerous turns.  He may need help gathering signatures.

Ryan is getting video this morning of how close school buses come to hitting kids on the sidewalk on Derby. (Josh almost got hit walking his kids to school last week).

I’m blogging it. Trying to drum up neighborhood support. If you are fed up and agree this intersection is dangerous, please spread the word and do what you can to help.


10/12/2017: Olivia’s Bistro coming to Newton

Announcement you guys: Olivia’s Bistro will be opening in a few weeks on Adams St in Nonantum. Olivia’s will be serving Neopolitan pizzas from a wood-fired oven and other Italian dishes. Will have a bar and be open til 1am — like you’ve been out that late in years.

Olivia’s will be located where Ginger Root Restaurant used to be. The place with the all-you-can-eat Chinese lunch buffet that possibly no one with good judgement (or afternoon plans) has ever eaten at.


9/18/2017: Does anyone have hurricane insurance?

Brian e-mailed this morning with a question about hurricane insurance on his home. He has a policy with a $12k deductible for Hurricane Windstorm loss. With No Way Jose skirting by and Maria getting stronger in the Caribbean maybe something to think about team.

Anybody have hurricane insurance? If so what’s your deductible?

I mean one of these storms hits us and we could have Ryan reporting from Randlett Park in a damn canoe like this lady…

9/14/2017: My snowthrower, lover of Nor’Easters, dead at 12

My snowthrower (2005 – 2017) left us today after many snowstorms together. He was just 12 years old. My snowthrower will be remembered for clearing sidewalks & driveways and a loud-ass 5 HP engine.


Like all power equipment purchased at Home Depot, no one gave my snowthrower much of a chance in life. I almost gave up on him after Winter 1 when I had to call the Watertown Fire Department because of a ruptured gas tank. Winter 2 he didn’t start at all which led to more F bombs then a car seat installation.

But my my my Winter 3 on Randlett Park was magical. Looking back, I don’t think Watertown agreed with my snowthrower. The move to America’s Favorite Street was when my snowthrower really began to flourish.

The great Snow Throw Challenge of 2013, when we cleared all the sidewalks on Randlett Park over 5 hours.

And 2015 when we had over 100″ of snow and Christian was in Florida the whole time.


George from George’s Small Engine Repair believes the cause of death was a broken drive belt, which would have been $80 to replace. But when you factor in pick up/drop-off cost ($80), annual maintenance ($150) & labor ($?) it became clear this was the end.

Goodnight my sweet prince.



8/23/2017: I need this giant outdoor TV and I needed it yesterday

You guys. I’m trying to but I can’t even right now. Check out this 16 foot wide LED TV…

Giant outdoor TV

Hides in the ground like a damn missile silo. Then rises 15 feet up and just when you think oh shit that’s an ICBM, it unfolds into a $655,000 HDTV. Make sure your friends aren’t too close to the screen because they will literally be spitting out their Coors Light.

Watch the video. Then Venmo me some bucks so we can order 201 model by Porsche Design Studio.


7/6/2017: 235 Highland just listed for rent. At $25,000 per month you guys.

235 Highland is a 5 bedroom/5 full/2 half bath Colonial with 12,655 sq/ft on 1 acre.  Gym, elevator, wine cellar, indoor b-ball court in case you are BALLIN. They’ve been trying to sell it for $6.695M with no luck. Now it’s on for rent.

235 Highland1

At $25,000 per month.

guy blinking

You’re probably like ok Dave you have my attention but what does the rent include? No utilities. No snow removal. No cable/internet. No furniture. Does include water/sewer & landscaping tho.

Starting to think this might be a good deal? Um yeah thought so you guys. But Here’s what you should know about the move-in costs. First month ($25k), last month ($25k), security deposit ($25k) and 1 month’s broker fee ($25k). No you’ll never see this money again.

235 Highland2

One more thing. You can only rent the place for 7 months. So when your mover drops you off in August be like hey come scoop us in February.

235 Highland4


6/28/2017: 219 Chestnut just listed for $6.9M

219 Chestnut is a 6 bed/4 full/2 half bath Colonial Revival with 7,814 sq/ft. Does not include 3,310 sq/ft in the basement and detached apartment — which is “not habitable.”

219 Chestnut

You’d think for $6.9M everything would be “habitable.” Not at 219 Chestnut. The master bath doesn’t even have working plumbing. House is sold in as-is condition — which means it needs a ton of work but seller won’t fix anything.

But this is an estate for $6.9M so you have to really dress it up using words like majestic & coveted. And describe the driveway as “formidably circular.”

I mean behold the foyer you guys.

219 Chestnut1

Then gaze skyward to the rotunda.

219 Chestnut2

As our tour of this residence continues, you are invited to the formal dining room.

219 Chestnut3

And lastly, some other room… resplendent in white.

219 Chestnut5


6/27/2017: 15 Barbara Rd just listed for $945k

15 Barbara is a 3 bed/2 bath Cape with 1,400 sq/ft. The property description reads “West Newton Neighborhood Well Kept home in desirable Area.” That’s like worse writing than this blog. Photos aren’t much better.

15 Barbara2

C’mon Babs. At least clean off the table. Maybe get the yard bag out of the dining room.

15 Barbara3

I see a fridge & oven and whole bunch of crap so this must be the kitchen you guys.

I mean the market is hot but not this hot. Can’t slap this on the ‘net and expect to get $945k. Or maybe you can?

15 Barbara



5/26/2017: No takers for 136 Eliot

There has long been a tale that when God created the perfect street, there was Randlett Park.


Then a toot came out and there was Eliot Street.

136 Eliot

Look I don’t believe in tales from the olden times. But I will say this, there’s America’s Favorite Street (.com) and then there’s everybody else. 136 Eliot is a perfect example.

136 Eliot is a fully renovated 3 bed/3 bath with 2,822 sq/ft that came on the market 2 weeks ago for $1.180M.

136 Eliot2

Nice house. But it’s on Eliot. If this was on Randlett it would have been sold yesterday for one possibly two million over asking.

Smart buyers know the difference. If (and when) a home comes on Randlett it will be gone in a weekend. Look at what a little flirt I’m being you guys about a possible sale on Randlett.  Can you even stand it?