10/7/2015: 14th Annual Paddy’s Road Race

Reminder you guys that Paddy’s 5K is Sunday, October 18th. One of my favorite West Newton traditions. Everyone in the neighborhood (possibly Eastern Mass) runs by me while I deal with my kids. Then I make up some kind of excuse afterwards on why my time sucked. Tight hammy. Guy dressed as hot dog was distracting me. Allergies.

Field races for little guys start around 9:30am at W. Newton Playground. There’s bouncey houses, face painting, snacks for the kids afterwards. Then the 1k for ages 14 and under at 10am. Big kids race starts at 11:30am. I’ll be in the back of the starting corral.  The way back.

Paddys 5k

After the race, there’s great food, irish music, raffles and awards. Last year I won the guy least likely to win/finish award. Did I mention there’s a beer garden? Um – yeah there is.

See you there!

5/22/2015: Paddy’s Pub expansion approved!

Big news outta Paddy’s Pub you guys.  Their plan to turn the 2nd floor into a bar and more seating for the restaurant has been approved.  Got a quick tour last week  — gonna be awesome.  Huge U shaped bar with TVs and seating for about 30 people.  If you’ve ever been to Paddy’s on a Friday or Saturday night, you know they get pretty jammed up and need more seating.

So that’s the good news.  Bad news is Paddy’s will likely be closed Summer 2016 for the renovation.  Word on the street is the whole restaurant is being renovated — not just the 2nd floor.  Kinda makes sense to just do the whole thing at once.

2/20/2015: Support Paddy’s expansion!

Paddy’s is hoping to turn the upstairs into a bar. Hooray! They need 400 signatures from neighborhood residents. Management & I signed it like 20 times before the manager said it was getting weird. Biggest no brainer in the history of no brainers. An upstairs bar would be perfect for private functions, Paddy’s 5k post-game or just plain old drinking you guys. So get down there, sign it and support your local pub!