5/8/2017: The latest on Knights of Columbus

Been a while since I blogged about the Knights of Columbus building on South Gate Park. 2 years ago a developer proposed knocking down the building and putting up 5 residential units with garage parking underneath. The neighborhood thought it was gonna look like a Motel 6 and shot it down at community meetings.

Um you guys? This is what a Motel 6 looks like.

Motel 6

And this is what the Knights of Columbus looks like.


I’d take the Motel 6 all day. Maybe they have a continental breakfast. Or late checkout. It’s better than this absolute horror show of a building. I mean if I’m a Newton Police detective investigating an abduction, the case starts here.

Thankfully, the city has approved interior demo and word on the street is there will be 3 new attached single family homes being built here. (I believe the laymans term is townhouses.) I’ll keep you guys posted.




8/25/2015: Neighborhood residents shoot down Knights of Columbus development

W. Newton residents and local alderman have shot down a proposed developed at the Knights of Columbus. The proposal called for 5 residential units with garage parking underneath. The handicap accessible unit was only going to be 460 sq/ft — which is tiny.

Neighborhood folks didn’t like the “Motel 6” look of the development and fact that the garage design would likely cause residents to park on the street. At a community meeting on July 25th, neighbors voiced their concerns to the developers attorney. At an August 4th meeting of the Land Use Committee, the developers revised plan did not impress. Neighbors were still concerned about the density and impact on the neighborhood.

So right now, this development is nowhere you guys.

Knights of Columbus

Knights development

3/13/2015: Update on Knights of Columbus

I’m a blogging fool today.  Thanks to Homeowner T for sending over some good neighborhood intel.

The buyer of the Knights of Columbus has decided to restore the original structure and convert the building to housing.  No word on how many units — gotta see what’s economically feasible.  If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

North Gate

Here’s what the Knights of Columbus used to look like in the 1920s, back when it was the North Gate Club.  You guys.