2/19/2017: Cherry Tree has pizza now you guys 

Major announcement gang. Turn up your volumes. Cherry Tree got a pizza oven.


Went to the Tree tonight. Not because I wanted wings. Or to take it to Cold One City. I went for you guys. And for the pizza.


Which was $10 and actually ok. Look if you’re looking for artisnal stuff this is not for you. This is not hand tossed crust or grated cheese pizza.  It’s pizza when you’ve had like 10-15 beers and realize you’re gonna be hungover unless you eat something. Or pizza to throw at your kids while you watch the game and drain cold ones.

It’s pizza. At the Tree. You guys. 10 USDs.

3/17/2016: Wednesday night trivia at Cherry Tree

So Christian and I went to the Cherry Tree last night for wings and beer. Turns out it was trivia night. Place was packed. I guess the same teams compete every Wednesday night. Winning team gets like $50 off their bill and gets to play any song they want. Teams were taking this like really seriously you guys.

Christian & I were not taking it seriously. We had man stuff to talk about. We were just messing around and almost won the damn thing.

Actually, that’s not true. We came in 8th place. I mean what is terminal velocity? Some of the questions I was just like…


Anyway, we were reppin’ the hood with the team name Randy Park. Which got us thinking: we should get some Randlett Parkers to participate every month. Obviously we’d win every time because we’re smarter than everyone else. I’m good for sports questions not much else.

If you’re interested in participating — I mean winning — let me know.

Cherry Tree


10/4/2014: Cherry Tree hit by car

Major news out of W. Newton today you guys. Some guy from NH drove onto the sidewalk, hit a guy standing in front of The Cherry Tree then hit the front of the restaurant. Poor guy was probably just trying to have a smoke and gets hit by a car. Thankfully – looks like he’s going to be ok.

The driver, however, was arrested for OUI drugs. Can’t get much dumber than this. Doing drugs, driving, hitting a pedestrian and having the nerve to hit my favorite restaurant. I was there about 20 mins after it happened and was like is this guy on drugs?! Turns out he was.