9/28/2015: What’s the sale price of Big Red going to be?

So you guys were chirping me at Parktoberfest about the final sale price for Big Red — AKA 399 Waltham — AKA the Samuel Wheat House. Telling me it’s gonna sell for list price of $995k. The home is currently under agreement and scheduled to close Oct. 26th.

399 Waltham1

Not so sure about that you guys. This is a historic house with most of the rear yard already parceled off, sold and developed. Not always easy to find a buyer for a home like this.

So I’m saying the house goes for under $900k. Please keep in mind I’m a licensed real estate professional. I have also recently discovered I may be clairvoyant after several Coors Lights. So I think under $900k. What do you think?

9/23/2015: Big Red (399 Waltham) has found a buyer

The Samuel Wheat House — aka Big Red — is under agreement. You guys remember this place: built in 1734 and only 6 owners in past 281 years. Looks like owner #7 will be closing just before Halloween.

399 Waltham1

Dr. Wheat used to see patients in his dining room. And by patients I mean guys who got banged up during the French & Indian War. Dr. Wheat died in 1770, which means he didn’t even live to see the American Revolution. Guy was probably like don’t even talk to me about the Continental Congress. Just help me get blood off the dining room floor.

399 Waltham dining room