10/18/2017: Intersection at Waltham/Derby/Fairway is dangerous and we’re doing something about it

Yesterday my son almost got hit crossing Waltham at Derby & Fairway. 2 weeks ago Terrence and his family were almost hit in the crosswalk. There have been over a dozen accidents at this intersection. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed.

Last June the there was a public traffic council hearing about it at City Hall. The council was considering a 4 way stop sign but ultimately decided against it citing traffic stats.


Well that’s some bullshit you guys and not good enough. Our kids cross that intersection everyday to get to school. We’re driving through there constantly.

So here’s whats happening:

Terrence is all over the city.  He’s emailed the mayor, councilors, even people running for mayor to address it. James Cote, Councilor Ward 3, is fed up too with this and bringing it up at tonight’s Public Safety & Transportation meeting. Ted Hess Mahan agrees as well and is encouraging the city to take action.

Miles is creating an appeal to turn Derby into a 1 way street heading towards Franklin. This will reduce traffic and prevent drivers coming from Derby making dangerous turns.  He may need help gathering signatures.

Ryan is getting video this morning of how close school buses come to hitting kids on the sidewalk on Derby. (Josh almost got hit walking his kids to school last week).

I’m blogging it. Trying to drum up neighborhood support. If you are fed up and agree this intersection is dangerous, please spread the word and do what you can to help.


10/4/2014: Cherry Tree hit by car

Major news out of W. Newton today you guys. Some guy from NH drove onto the sidewalk, hit a guy standing in front of The Cherry Tree then hit the front of the restaurant. Poor guy was probably just trying to have a smoke and gets hit by a car. Thankfully – looks like he’s going to be ok.

The driver, however, was arrested for OUI drugs. Can’t get much dumber than this. Doing drugs, driving, hitting a pedestrian and having the nerve to hit my favorite restaurant. I was there about 20 mins after it happened and was like is this guy on drugs?! Turns out he was.