4/24/2015: 62 Cherry Place – under agreement

Yes, you read that right.  62 Cherry Place is under agreement.  Talk about egg on my face.

62 Cherry Place

Here I am sitting at my desk, typing with my stupid index fingers thinking I know everything about real estate.  So f’ing smart with my little blog.  Talking about how long it’s taken 62 Cherry to sell.  I’ll tell you what — someone got sick of my BS and straight up bought the place.

Gigantic chair and all.

62 Cherry chair

Sometimes in the blogging game you get posterized.  But you gotta keep blogging.




3/24/2015: 62 Cherry Place — the saga continues to continue

Major news out of 62 Cherry Place today.  After just 264 days in what many realtors are calling the most favorable sellers market in the history of the universe, the price of 62 Cherry Price has been slashed from $1.529M to $1.499M.  In case you guys don’t speak real estate, that’s 30,000 USDs.

Bill Murray

Unless you want to wind up like this guy, you should run (not walk) to 62 Cherry Place. As a licensed real estate professional, I recommend you bring your checkbook.


62 Cherry Place