3/21/2016: Parking at the raccoon house

So if you look at the raccoon house (AKA 350 Waltham) from the front, it appears there’s no parking. Or driveway.

350 Waltham2

But walk around the back of the house on Colman St (off of Eliot) and what do we have?


We got a leaner! I mean — sorry — the correct real estate term is a 2 car garage. I just hope when the Paddy’s owners who are renovating this property clean up the leaves they use rakes. If a leafblower gets anywhere near this garage it’s going down. Hard you guys.

2/12/2016: Raccoon’s repairing 350 Waltham

So the raccoons living at 350 Waltham are having structural repairs made to the front porch. This is a smart move you guys. Especially if you have a growing family that likes to climb all over the roof. And porch. And gutters.

350 Waltham2

350 Waltham has been abandoned for over a year. Besides eating trash and watching Ed renovate his kitchen, the raccoon’s have really done nothing to the place. Glad they’re finally stepping up cause the front porch was like falling off the front of the house. Even pulled a permit too.

Not a bad start gang.


11/18/2015: 350 Waltham St abandoned

350 Waltham St is abandoned. There’s nobody there you guys.

The owner, John, passed away last November. The property was cleaned out over the summer and is now empty. The house is a 7 bed/2 bath with 2,974 sq/ft. Zero parking at this place. Not even a driveway. New owner’s gonna want to look into that.

Speaking of looking into it, this was me at 350 Waltham this morning…