4/14/2016: Meet your new neighbors at 164 Fairway

164 Fairway closed on Friday you guys. House is awesome and so are our new neighbors. A note from Liz & Allison below.

Hi new neighbors!  We are the Blecker Kleinerman Family and we are thrilled to be moving to the neighborhood.  We have two boys, Marshall (4.5) and Landon (2.5).  Both boys will be attending Newton Montessori School next year, but then Marshall will be starting Kindergarten at Franklin the following year.  Jamaica Plain has been our home base for 10+ years and while we are sad to leave, we are excited for this next chapter in West Newton!  Our boys keep us busy and are ecstatic to have two yards (front and back!) and a garage.  (side note, Marshall only recently figured out that cars could be IN a house – we’ve never had a garage before and true proof he’s a city kid so far).

The boys love playing outdoors and we will definitely be checking out local parks and pools this summer.  Any suggestions are always welcome. Marshall also has a very vivid imagination and can usually be found either dressed up like Marshall from “Paw Patrol” or playing his guitar with his younger brother.  We may even have the early makings of a boy band in our household and would love to add performers to their act.

Allison currently works as an Employee Benefits Consultant in Back Bay and Liz works as a Portfolio Manager over by South Station.  Our plan at this point is to take the train from West Newton but as with everything in life, that’s open to change.  We both try to stay active (and mentally sane) by running and going to the gym.  When we’re not working, parenting or sleeping, we enjoy a few glasses of wine or a nice cold beer.  We are particularly excited to have room for a “beer fridge” in the new house.

Looking forward to meeting our new neighbors!



1/7/2014: 164 Fairway – 2 car garage?

164 Fairway is still on the market for $1.395M. I think I know why this place hasn’t sold you guys. Being advertised as a 2 car garage.

164 Fairway floorplan

Um that looks like a 1 car garage. With with maybe a ’76 Country Squire parked in it.


But since the garage measures 29′ deep, I guess you could get 2 cars in there.

Here’s how.

Buy a mini cooper and coming flying down Fairway. Preferably going 55-60 MPH. Your’re gonna need speed on this — trust me.

CRANK the emergency break, drifting up the driveway towards the garage.


Be careful drifting into the garage sideways you guys. Not exactly a lot of room to work with. Also check for kids playing in the yard. And don’t drift too far. You don’t want to wind up like the old lady that drove into the side of BSC a few months back.

BSC newton

Now that the mini cooper has come to a complete stop and you are parked sideways in the back of the garage — ease in the Country Squire, leaving 4″ between the 2 vehicles. Congrats amigo — you have yourself a 2 car garage.


11/23/2015: 164 Fairway — Ready for Love

So most of the houses featured on AmerciasFavoriteStreet.com have a nickname. We’ve got The Chief at 00 Watertown Street. The Office Space house at 13 Ryan Ct. Even Earth to 180 Cherry Street.


164 Fairway has been through a lot in the past year. Sold, torn apart and rebuilt. Kinda like the bros from the rock band Bad Company. So I’m gonna call 164 Fairway The Ready for Love house. Like their 1974 smash single you guys.

Bad Company

I’m ready for love.

Oh baby, I’m ready for love.

164 Fairway Dr