1/15/2018: MLK’s ties to W. Newton

Happy MLK Day you guys. Management posted this 2 years ago when no one read the blog so here you again.

Many of you probably know that Dr. King had strong ties to Boston. In the 1950s, King studied at Boston University, where he earned his doctorate, and met his wife, Coretta Scott, a student at the nearby New England Conservatory. He returned to Boston in the 1960s on multiple occasions to address the State Legislature, lead a march from the South End to Boston Common during the early years of the public school crisis, and, later, to donate the bulk of his personal papers to BU.

But did you know he also had ties to West Newton? Our town and its Baptist churches actually have a long and rich history of connections to civil rights movements dating back centuries. Remember Nathaniel T. Allen, the abolitionist that owned the large yellow historic property on Webster St? Many of his friends were part of the congregation at the First Baptist Church, now Lincoln Park Baptist on Washington St. In the late-1800s, some members of First Baptist broke off to form the Myrtle Baptist Church, which is still located on Curve St. In the 1950s, a young Martin Luther King Jr. often attended services at Myrtle, preached from their pulpit, and visited with friends that lived in the surrounding neighborhood. Though Myrtle’s congregation suffered tremendous disruption during the extension of the Mass Turnpike in the 1960s, it remained a politically-active community during the racial turmoil of the later decades of the twentieth century. In 2008, thanks to the efforts of other Boston University students, the Myrtle Baptist Church was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Check out the resources at the Newton History Museum if you want to learn more about the history of Myrtle Baptist, African-American history in Newton, or Dr. King’s connections to our city!


1/10/2018: A brief history of RandlettPark.com

What if I told you 5 years ago RandlettPark.com was an impossible dream? The dream of a man that typed with 2 fingers, wrote at a 3rd grade level and had little-to-no comprehension of the internet. What if I told you that man somehow — despite all his handicaps — created America’s most beloved neighborhood blog? What if I told you that man was me?

5 years. 16,000 visitors. 40,000 page views. 4 Facebook likes. This is a brief history of RandlettPark.com.

Randlett stats

2012: The internet was still pretty new. I had to explain to a lot of you guys what a blog was. And possibly the internet as well. I was condescending about it. That didn’t help.

2013: Tried to get some fun stuff going like yard crawls & backyard movies. Problem was I didn’t have a lot of friends so mostly it was just me at these “events.” Andy would usually walk over to ask why I put my TV in the front yard.

Dave alone

2014: A great blogging year until August when Keltic Krust closed then the wheels came off. Was so bitter I spent the rest of the year chirping Judy Baby to open Judith’s Kitchen then when she opened I only went once and was very fragile emotionally.

2015: The internet becomes available on cell phones. Up until 2015 you really couldn’t. If you wanted to read the blog you had to fire up your laptop. And if I’m being honest the writing wasn’t worth the trouble. I did a blog on memory foam bath mats and maybe you shouldn’t internet if that’s gonna be your contribution.

Blogged about my kitchen addition and Ed’s kitchen renovation.

2016: The year I became neighborhood famous. Over 17,000 page views. Management legit almost rolled her eyes so hard a few times in 2016 I thought she would need a specialist. People I didn’t know would stop me and ask if I was the blog guy. Then I’d be low-key humble about it. And Management’s eyeballs would disappear for a few seconds as they went all the way up & around then just pop up from the bottom looking more annoyed if that’s even possible you guys.

eye roll

Blogged about affordable housing in W. Newton, the new huge development in Newtonville and a bunch of real estate stuff.

2017: Pageviews down from record 2016. This had more to do with people discovering social media sites like Facebook, Instagram & Tinder. Not because I only blogged like 20 times. Just felt like there was more competition on the net, as we in the blog game refer to it.

Blogged about a few home sales on Randlett and going to Cold One City.

2018: Not sure what the new year holds but this is my promise: Me and my 2 stupid index fingers will continue to write this blog as long as you guys continue to read it.

1/3/2018: BSC coming in HOT in 2018 you guys!

Is BSC doin the damn thing or are they doin the damn thing? Last week they got the heat up to 62 degrees in the spin studio avoiding certain disaster. Then they put up this poster in the front window to celebrate.


Some might say a little tone def given the current social climate. But if I’m being real I love it. I mean you can argue appropriate/not appropriate/what the fuck were they thinking but she’s wet you guys. She is.

When I look at this poster (like I did really closely for 11 minutes this morning) the word that comes to mind is courage. Imagine being at BSC HQ. Company’s stock price is down 50% since 2014. Enormous pressure to bring in new members and increase revenue. Having to compete with other gyms that have treadmills you can run on or working water fountains. And someone has the courage to say come dry leave wet in a meeting.

Jim office

At a publicly traded company. And they were serious.

Jim office 2

Then management was like YES come dry leave wet! We back baby! Forget improving the facility or fixing the equipment, come dry leave wet! Love it so much I may just show up wet. #thankyoucorporate #getwet #howwetcanyouget?

Bruno Mars


12/29/2017: RIP to the spin studio at BSC

Many of you that go to BSC West Newton already know the spin studio is freezing. Yesterday it was 41 degrees. Today it’s 39.

BSC thermostat

Management took a spin class there this week in her snow pants. Yesterday I could only do about 5 minutes of what can be VERY loosely called Krav Maga, the Israeli art of self-defense, before I got too cold.

Krav Maga

Not only are the pipes in this building vulnerable to freezing, I am now vulnerable to  attack because I can’t practice my moves.

This has been a problem for months — the temperature I mean. When members complain to BSC management, they’re told it will be serviced and to STOP MESSING WITH THE THERMOSTAT. (I used all caps because members have been getting yelled at).

If anyone was ever foolish enough to complain about my moves, I can assure you the consequences would be severe.


Management (BSC’s not mine) had the HVAC system serviced yesterday. Slight problem is it didn’t get fixed and now it’s colder in there.

Um question you guys?

raise hand

What’s gonna happen over the next week with a high temperature of like 15 degrees? It’s called a burst pipe you guys. And that’s when water bursts through the pipe it froze in and destroys everything like walls, floors, ceilings and also Village Bank below.

So RIP spin studio. And possibly the back half of Village Bank. This has been the longest, slowest, most avoidable train wreck we may ever know in West Newton.

12/15/2017: Possible Bigfoot/Yeti in W. Newton

A concerned citizen just texted me this photo.


This paw print measures 5″ across and 4.5″ heel to toe. Very large.

Look you guys in order to track this beast I’d need to pick up some of the snow and smell it. Then observe the wind direction. Possibly look through binoculars as well.

But I can’t because I’m downtown at my super important job. Can anyone identify this? I think it’s a Yeti but could also be Bigfoot.

12/11/2017: Newton starting a curbside compost pilot program

Gonna let Tamara explain this one to you guys:

Newton is starting a curbside composting pilot program in the spring. I would love for it to be successful so the program gets instituted citywide. In San Francisco where my sister lives, food scraps are picked up curbside in a bin, just like trash and recycling. And Cambridge is starting a citywide curbside composting program in April after a successful pilot program. I haven’t gotten my act together to start composting at home, so I would love to contribute all of our food waste to a citywide program. If you support the idea, please fill out the survey!



12/1/2017: Zero progress made at corner of Waltham/Derby/Fairway

This morning Terrance (who lives at the corner of Waltham & Fairway) saw a 6th grader almost get hit in the crosswalk. As Terrance says “I see an almost everyday.”

5 Weeks ago the city agreed to install a bump out, speed signs and reinforce the cross walk markings. So far none of this has happened. Terrance e-mailed the city again this morning but he could use your support.

If you have not already done so, please e-mail the city to let them know these saftety measures need to be taken NOW. E-mails below.  Thanks and stay safe you guys.

Nicole Freedman: Nfreedman@newtonma.gov

Traffic Council: trafficcouncil@newtonma.gov

Ted Hess Mahan: Thessmahan@newtonma.gov

James Cote: coteward3@gmail.com

11/14/2017: 327 Waltham just listed for $699k

327 Waltham is a 3 bed/1 bath with 1,508 sq/ft. In between Randlett & Fairway on the other side of Waltham.

I like how I go to Bermuda for a few days to wear those little shorts & knee-high socks Management likes so much and nobody lets me know about this place. Makes me wonder how committed you guys are to this blog.

Anyway this house is so close to America’s Favorite Street (.com) you can hear our parties and smell our bbqs.

327 Waltham

327 Waltham1

327 Waltham2

327 Waltham3

327 Waltham4

11/9/2017: City agrees to install 4 way stop sign at Fairway & Bunker 

The Public Safety & Transportation Committee Met last night and voted in favor of a 4 way stop sign being installed at the intersection of Fairway & Bunker. Yours truly, Tamara & Terrence we’re in attendance. 

The committee debated this for a good half hour. The Traffic Council, which has previously denied this petition, argued that because of traffic volume & speed studies there didn’t need to be a stop sign. Said too many stop signs in Newton will mean drivers start to ignore them and make traffic more congested. 

Then Sergent Babcock from NPD spoke and was like this is common sense. There are a lot kids there and drivers do speed through there. 

Brock Dillworth, Fairway bro and petition originator, spoke next and basically said the intersection puts our kids in danger. Tamara chimed in and Terrence came in with a flamethrower at the end talking about blood on the committee’s hands if they don’t do something. 

Anyway, should be happening in next few weeks. Thanks to Brock Dillworth for making this happen. 

10/18/2017: Here is what the City will be doing about intersection at Waltham/Derby/Fairway

From Nicole Freedman, Director of Transportation:

  1. Install a driver feedback sign which will report back to drivers on their speeds. These are known to increase compliance with posted speeds and can reduce overall driving speeds.
  2. Refresh the crosswalks to increase visibility of pedestrians.
  3. Pilot pedestrian safety improvements consisting of either a pedestrian refuge island or bumpouts at the crosswalk across Waltham Street.  We have asked our engineers to begin work on the designs.  If successful in increasing overall safety we will make this a permanent installation in the spring.

10/18/2017: Intersection at Waltham/Derby/Fairway is dangerous and we’re doing something about it

Yesterday my son almost got hit crossing Waltham at Derby & Fairway. 2 weeks ago Terrence and his family were almost hit in the crosswalk. There have been over a dozen accidents at this intersection. It’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed.

Last June the there was a public traffic council hearing about it at City Hall. The council was considering a 4 way stop sign but ultimately decided against it citing traffic stats.


Well that’s some bullshit you guys and not good enough. Our kids cross that intersection everyday to get to school. We’re driving through there constantly.

So here’s whats happening:

Terrence is all over the city.  He’s emailed the mayor, councilors, even people running for mayor to address it. James Cote, Councilor Ward 3, is fed up too with this and bringing it up at tonight’s Public Safety & Transportation meeting. Ted Hess Mahan agrees as well and is encouraging the city to take action.

Miles is creating an appeal to turn Derby into a 1 way street heading towards Franklin. This will reduce traffic and prevent drivers coming from Derby making dangerous turns.  He may need help gathering signatures.

Ryan is getting video this morning of how close school buses come to hitting kids on the sidewalk on Derby. (Josh almost got hit walking his kids to school last week).

I’m blogging it. Trying to drum up neighborhood support. If you are fed up and agree this intersection is dangerous, please spread the word and do what you can to help.


10/12/2017: Olivia’s Bistro coming to Newton

Announcement you guys: Olivia’s Bistro will be opening in a few weeks on Adams St in Nonantum. Olivia’s will be serving Neopolitan pizzas from a wood-fired oven and other Italian dishes. Will have a bar and be open til 1am — like you’ve been out that late in years.

Olivia’s will be located where Ginger Root Restaurant used to be. The place with the all-you-can-eat Chinese lunch buffet that possibly no one with good judgement (or afternoon plans) has ever eaten at.