12/11/2017: Newton starting a curbside compost pilot program

Gonna let Tamara explain this one to you guys:

Newton is starting a curbside composting pilot program in the spring. I would love for it to be successful so the program gets instituted citywide. In San Francisco where my sister lives, food scraps are picked up curbside in a bin, just like trash and recycling. And Cambridge is starting a citywide curbside composting program in April after a successful pilot program. I haven’t gotten my act together to start composting at home, so I would love to contribute all of our food waste to a citywide program. If you support the idea, please fill out the survey!



12/1/2017: Zero progress made at corner of Waltham/Derby/Fairway

This morning Terrance (who lives at the corner of Waltham & Fairway) saw a 6th grader almost get hit in the crosswalk. As Terrance says “I see an almost everyday.”

5 Weeks ago the city agreed to install a bump out, speed signs and reinforce the cross walk markings. So far none of this has happened. Terrance e-mailed the city again this morning but he could use your support.

If you have not already done so, please e-mail the city to let them know these saftety measures need to be taken NOW. E-mails below.  Thanks and stay safe you guys.

Nicole Freedman: Nfreedman@newtonma.gov

Traffic Council: trafficcouncil@newtonma.gov

Ted Hess Mahan: Thessmahan@newtonma.gov

James Cote: coteward3@gmail.com

11/14/2017: 327 Waltham just listed for $699k

327 Waltham is a 3 bed/1 bath with 1,508 sq/ft. In between Randlett & Fairway on the other side of Waltham.

I like how I go to Bermuda for a few days to wear those little shorts & knee-high socks Management likes so much and nobody lets me know about this place. Makes me wonder how committed you guys are to this blog.

Anyway this house is so close to America’s Favorite Street (.com) you can hear our parties and smell our bbqs.

327 Waltham

327 Waltham1

327 Waltham2

327 Waltham3

327 Waltham4

11/9/2017: City agrees to install 4 way stop sign at Fairway & Bunker 

The Public Safety & Transportation Committee Met last night and voted in favor of a 4 way stop sign being installed at the intersection of Fairway & Bunker. Yours truly, Tamara & Terrence we’re in attendance. 

The committee debated this for a good half hour. The Traffic Council, which has previously denied this petition, argued that because of traffic volume & speed studies there didn’t need to be a stop sign. Said too many stop signs in Newton will mean drivers start to ignore them and make traffic more congested. 

Then Sergent Babcock from NPD spoke and was like this is common sense. There are a lot kids there and drivers do speed through there. 

Brock Dillworth, Fairway bro and petition originator, spoke next and basically said the intersection puts our kids in danger. Tamara chimed in and Terrence came in with a flamethrower at the end talking about blood on the committee’s hands if they don’t do something. 

Anyway, should be happening in next few weeks. Thanks to Brock Dillworth for making this happen.