About RandlettPark.com

RandlettPark.com is a neighborhood blog about West Newton. And some other stuff. Like real estate you guys.

If you appreciate good writing this is not the place for you. If you appreciate Jamie from Love Actually this place IS for you.

RP.com is written by Dave Costello at #142. Dave is a Broker/Senior Vice President at CL Properties, a top real estate brokerage in Boston. Dave enjoys typing on his laptop with 2 fingers and chillin with his squad: Management & the low-to-mid level employees. ✌️✌

Dave can be reached at Dave.Costello@CLProperties.com and professional resume viewed at http://www.clproperties.com/agent/david-costello

Randlett eagle

3 thoughts on “About RandlettPark.com

  1. Tom C

    Dave – enough already with the real estate and pub stuff. Give us the next chapters in Fifty Shades and the kitchen. Dad

  2. We are the new residents at 154 Randlett around August 15th. We are the new 2nd Church Senior Minister, Carla Bailey, and spouse (Me) Warren Turner. No dogs. Only an occasional feline visitor. Oh yeah, birds and squirrels we hope.

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