10/4/2018: Derby St appeal wins

The appeal of the decision to make Derby St a 1 way won last night in a 4-2 vote. Derby won’t be a 1 way anytime soon you guys. Good arguments were made for and against changing the street to a 1 way and ultimately the committee felt they would be rushing in without fully understanding how it would effect traffic elsewhere in the neighborhood.

One thought on “10/4/2018: Derby St appeal wins

  1. Jesse Corey

    I would like everybody who came to the meeting last night, in which the appeal was passed, that I saw Danielle Delaney today, in the City Council office, while delivering mail, with a red and black sweatshirt, thinking that I forgot to take it with me after the motion passed to approve the appeal, but this must be somebody else’s sweatshirt which was left in the Conference Room last night. If it is yours, please let me and Danielle know that you were notified about this, and that you’ll be going to pick it up.

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