10/2/2018: Derby St meeting tomorrow at 7pm

The appeal for the Derby St petition will be tomorrow at 7pm at City Hall. In case you are new to the neighborhood, or earth, we are trying to get Derby St to become a 1 way so it’s safer for kids & families walking to/from Franklin.

There is opposition to making Derby a 1 way so its imperative you show up tomorrow night to support this petition. If you show up, the council should vote in our favor. If you don’t, we’ll lose.

I realize it’s a Wednesday and everyone has shit to do. No one wants to spend the evening at City Hall talking about traffic. But this is important. Please make time to be there.

3 thoughts on “10/2/2018: Derby St meeting tomorrow at 7pm

  1. Jesse Corey

    I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll speak against the appeal because this section of Derby Street is narrow for both vehicles and pedestrians.

    1. Jesse Corey

      I’m going to make a suggestion tonight to widen the sidewalks, and to make the street just enough room for vehicles in 1 direction.

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