8/30/2018: New sidewalks on Randlett

The Randlett beautification project continued this week as the city replaced some of the sidewalks on upper Randlett. Unfortunately, some ASSHOLE tried to run through wet concrete and ruined the sidewalk, possibly the whole street.

If I’m being totally honest, that asshole was me you guys. Was running home from the gym listening to Drake at volume 10 and just ran right into. The foreman was not impressed and tried to make me feel better by saying “it happens all the time.” Notice tho how I stopped on a DIME 3rd step in and jumped into Ed’s yard. Yeah – I know – pretty athletic for someone who just ran into wet concrete.

8/9/2018: Randlett Park no longer scheduled to be repaved

Sorry no blog posts lately – on summer hours you guys.

So we were scheduled to get the street repaved in 2019 because we scored a 37 on the city’s StreetScan scale in 2016. Sounds like that’s not happening anymore because the city has a new 5 year plan to only repave streets with a score of 25 or less.

The city is using terms like strategic, prioritization & cost benefit value. That’s stuff you say at meetings gang. Our street needs to be repaved and I say we march on city hall! Once it gets cooler obviously. Been so humid lately. Then we get some cold ones! Who’s with me?!?