5/31/2018: Motion passes to make Derby St one-way

The city passed a motion tonight to make Derby a one-way street westbound from Waltham to Cherry (towards Franklin). The decision can be appealed in the next 20 days. But a big win for the people (and the kids!) tonight.

Derby St is only 19-20′ wide, which is not wide enough for traffic to be passing in both directions. That section of street is 1,150 feet long and over 2,000 cars travel it each day.

The city’s major concern is that making Derby a one-way will encourage drivers to speed and that won’t be necessarily any safer.

Huge shout out to Miles & Brad for making this happen and all the parents that came out to voice concern for our kids. And Ken the crossing guard – he was there and spoke up for us.

Oh yeah it turns out there are no parking restrictions on Derby. Probably because no one in their right mind would park there. That being said, you’ll be able to park on Derby during pick up/drop off now. The city actually likes this since it will force traffic to slow down.

20 Day appeal period but good start you guys.

One thought on “5/31/2018: Motion passes to make Derby St one-way

  1. Jesse Corey

    I saw that this item was appealed during the 20 day appeal period. I would still like to see Derby Street become a partial one-way street, westbound, between the intersections of Derby Street and Waltham Street and Derby Street and Cherry Street, but prohibit parking on both sides, and widen the narrow sidewalks, which would both give space for Franklin Elementary School students to walk, and would allow more space for one-way signs at every intersection on this section of Derby Street. However, if this occurs, would it make sense to modify the traffic signal sequence at the light at Derby and Cherry Streets, so that both directions on Derby Street do not get a green light at the same time, since eastbound drivers would no longer be permitted to go straight?

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