1/3/2018: BSC coming in HOT in 2018 you guys!

Is BSC doin the damn thing or are they doin the damn thing? Last week they got the heat up to 62 degrees in the spin studio avoiding certain disaster. Then they put up this poster in the front window to celebrate.


Some might say a little tone def given the current social climate. But if I’m being real I love it. I mean you can argue appropriate/not appropriate/what the fuck were they thinking but she’s wet you guys. She is.

When I look at this poster (like I did really closely for 11 minutes this morning) the word that comes to mind is courage. Imagine being at BSC HQ. Company’s stock price is down 50% since 2014. Enormous pressure to bring in new members and increase revenue. Having to compete with other gyms that have treadmills you can run on or working water fountains. And someone has the courage to say come dry leave wet in a meeting.

Jim office

At a publicly traded company. And they were serious.

Jim office 2

Then management was like YES come dry leave wet! We back baby! Forget improving the facility or fixing the equipment, come dry leave wet! Love it so much I may just show up wet. #thankyoucorporate #getwet #howwetcanyouget?

Bruno Mars


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