12/1/2017: Zero progress made at corner of Waltham/Derby/Fairway

This morning Terrance (who lives at the corner of Waltham & Fairway) saw a 6th grader almost get hit in the crosswalk. As Terrance says “I see an almost everyday.”

5 Weeks ago the city agreed to install a bump out, speed signs and reinforce the cross walk markings. So far none of this has happened. Terrance e-mailed the city again this morning but he could use your support.

If you have not already done so, please e-mail the city to let them know these saftety measures need to be taken NOW. E-mails below.  Thanks and stay safe you guys.

Nicole Freedman: Nfreedman@newtonma.gov

Traffic Council: trafficcouncil@newtonma.gov

Ted Hess Mahan: Thessmahan@newtonma.gov

James Cote: coteward3@gmail.com

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