10/11/2017: Julia Kammer, star blogger, Grade 5

So Julia’s blog introducing her family yesterday was a huge hit. One of the most popular posts this year.

I met her last Saturday the day her family moved in. Told her I’m neighborhood famous, write a blog, kind of a big deal. Just giving her the lay of the land so to speak.

Julia Kammer post

She didn’t seem impressed — not sure why. But wanted to write a post introducing her family to everyone.

Me: Aren’t you in like 5th grade?

Julia: Yes but I want to write it. What do I have to do?

Me: There is one rule: you have to use you guys at least once.

Julia: That’s it?

Me: Yes.

Then she emailed me her post and it was funny and smart and she called out her brother for not doing homework. Used you guys so many times it took my breath away. Everybody loved it.

If I’m being real I was low-key stressed all yesterday. I didn’t expect a 5th grader next door would be a star blogger, but she is you guys.

So you might see more of Julia on America’s Favorite Street (.com). Unless she has too much homework.

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