10/10/2017: Meet the Kammers at 146 Randlett — by Julia, Grade 5

Hello you guys,

This is Julia Kammer from the Kammer family that just moved into 146 Randlett Park on October 7th. Our family is so happy to be here on Randlett Park. Now let me introduce you guys to my family. First I have my brother Dane who’s a twin to me, fun fact I’m 20 seconds older. Also we are the 5th pair of twins to move onto this street! He’s in 5th grade. Colin and Dane are on the same soccer team. Dane enjoys video games, his iPod, playing with friends, sports and NOT doing his homework. Next we have my other brother Drew, he is in 1st grade. He’s the tallest in his grade. He’s BFF’s with Casey (142 Randlett Park). He enjoys his iPad, playing with Casey, Video games, soccer, and baseball. Drew and Casey were in the same class in kindergarten. Drew is almost as tall as Dane. Drew always has a song in his head so he always does motions to his song. Next we have me, Julia. I’m in 5th grade. I’m the oldest in my family for kids. I’m 5 feet tall. I’m caring, and a good friend. I’m a good friend to Charlotte Pinto, we are in the same class in school and are on the same soccer team. I enjoy DOING my homework, swimming, soccer, and school.  We all go to Franklin elementary school.  So now you have met the kids, let’s meet the parents you guys. So first we have my mom, Rachael she is a speech pathologist at MGH in Boston. She does all the inside work such as laundry, cleaning, getting us ready for school, unlike dad. Mom is nice, loving caring and a good friend. She always makes parents laugh. Now onto my dad, Carl is a mechanical engineer, at Keurig the coffee company, so if you ever want free coffee come to him. My dad does all the outside work like shoveling and lawn mowing, unlike my mom. My dad is funny, kind, caring and a really good sharer. Also if you ever need someone to drink a beer just come on over, my dad would be happy to do it. We are the KAMMERS! I hope you have enjoyed this blog, BBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE




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