9/14/2017: My snowthrower, lover of Nor’Easters, dead at 12

My snowthrower (2005 – 2017) left us today after many snowstorms together. He was just 12 years old. My snowthrower will be remembered for clearing sidewalks & driveways and a loud-ass 5 HP engine.


Like all power equipment purchased at Home Depot, no one gave my snowthrower much of a chance in life. I almost gave up on him after Winter 1 when I had to call the Watertown Fire Department because of a ruptured gas tank. Winter 2 he didn’t start at all which led to more F bombs then a car seat installation.

But my my my Winter 3 on Randlett Park was magical. Looking back, I don’t think Watertown agreed with my snowthrower. The move to America’s Favorite Street was when my snowthrower really began to flourish.

The great Snow Throw Challenge of 2013, when we cleared all the sidewalks on Randlett Park over 5 hours.

And 2015 when we had over 100″ of snow and Christian was in Florida the whole time.


George from George’s Small Engine Repair believes the cause of death was a broken drive belt, which would have been $80 to replace. But when you factor in pick up/drop-off cost ($80), annual maintenance ($150) & labor ($?) it became clear this was the end.

Goodnight my sweet prince.



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