5/26/2017: No takers for 136 Eliot

There has long been a tale that when God created the perfect street, there was Randlett Park.


Then a toot came out and there was Eliot Street.

136 Eliot

Look I don’t believe in tales from the olden times. But I will say this, there’s America’s Favorite Street (.com) and then there’s everybody else. 136 Eliot is a perfect example.

136 Eliot is a fully renovated 3 bed/3 bath with 2,822 sq/ft that came on the market 2 weeks ago for $1.180M.

136 Eliot2

Nice house. But it’s on Eliot. If this was on Randlett it would have been sold yesterday for one possibly two million over asking.

Smart buyers know the difference. If (and when) a home comes on Randlett it will be gone in a weekend. Look at what a little flirt I’m being you guys about a possible sale on Randlett.  Can you even stand it?

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