5/23/2017: Gonna be a home for sale on Randlett Park

People always tell me “your street sounds like so much fun.” Um yeah it is you guys. Cause me and my friends make it fun. 

Play your cards right and you could be in this photo. And get to tell people that you too live on America’s Favorite Street (.com). 

So when this opportunity arises, you may want to think about what’s important to you. 

Like block parties. 

Or ice cream trucks. 

Or lemonade stands. 

Or pony rides. 

Or Halloween. 

Or backyard movies. 

Or Parktoberfest. 

Or pig roasts. 

Or happy hour with a bunch of male models. 

Or snow days. 

Or an investigative reporter that chases people asking where’s the money?!

Or bald eagles. 

If any of these are a yes, then you may just want to buy yourself a home on Randlett Park. 

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