5/18/2017: Power issues on Randlett

Several families on middle Randlett experiencing problems with flickering lights and appliances acting strangely. Power strip smoking, dishwasher not functioning, etc. One family had already had someone out from the town last week and found an open neutral (very dangerous!) that needed to be fixed.

Many houses on the street are on different transformers. If your power went out yesterday in the late afternoon then you are on one of the transformers that is affected. Eversource was out to look at the problem and shut the transformer off for a while so he could do some work. I don’t know what their diagnosis was or what the follow up will be. We are not on that transformer but Eversource is coming to check out ours because we have had flickering lights and appliance issues as well. But ever source thinks that our problem at 142 is a low voltage issue.

Long story short, if your lights are flickering recently or some of your appliances are acting strangely, you may want to call Eversource and have them come out to check on things. Eversource: 800 592-2000



One thought on “5/18/2017: Power issues on Randlett

  1. Leah Daly

    I spoke to Eversource to close the loop and they don’t provide information other than that it was “equipment failure.” They replaced the equipment and closed the ticket so we should be ok going forward. They did note that anyone who had related appliance failure can file a claim for things that were damaged. Frustrating that they didn’t resolve it sooner since we had them out more than a week ago and it took many calls, but glad it is fixed.

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