5/8/2017: The latest on Knights of Columbus

Been a while since I blogged about the Knights of Columbus building on South Gate Park. 2 years ago a developer proposed knocking down the building and putting up 5 residential units with garage parking underneath. The neighborhood thought it was gonna look like a Motel 6 and shot it down at community meetings.

Um you guys? This is what a Motel 6 looks like.

Motel 6

And this is what the Knights of Columbus looks like.


I’d take the Motel 6 all day. Maybe they have a continental breakfast. Or late checkout. It’s better than this absolute horror show of a building. I mean if I’m a Newton Police detective investigating an abduction, the case starts here.

Thankfully, the city has approved interior demo and word on the street is there will be 3 new attached single family homes being built here. (I believe the laymans term is townhouses.) I’ll keep you guys posted.




One thought on “5/8/2017: The latest on Knights of Columbus

  1. Tim

    Neighbors fought hard to stop the initial unworkable and unsafe plan and then negotiated with the developer to reduce the size of the project from 5 units to 3 units with many other significant improvements. This is a good example of our neighbors working together to improve their neighborhood resulting in a substantially improved project. Happy to see the changes.

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