5/5/2017: Newton conducts assessment of every street, Randlett fails

The city recently conducted an assessment to determine the condition of each street. They used StreetScan, a ground penetrating radar. (Don’t even ask you guys.) Streets were ranked from 0-100, 0 being worst 100 the best.

Randlett scored a 37.

As the mayor of Randlett, you might think I’m upset. I’m not. So we failed this test. Who cares. I’ve bombed dozens of tests. Ask Management. Or my parents. Or anyone at Mclean High School. Or Northeastern University.

math lady

Everyone knows the street is in rough shape. Don’t need StreetScan or some radar to tell us that. It was last paved in 1978. We’re getting re-paved in 2019.

So 37? IDGAF about no 37. It’s like Algebra 2 all over again.


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