5/31/2017: 40 Randlett just listed for $849k

40 Randlett is a 3 bed/2 bath colonial with 1,872 sq/ft. Open house Saturday & Sunday 1-2:30pm. Offers due Tuesday. 

Let me tell you guys a little story. Some of you have already heard this one. But I’m turning 40 this year and that’s what old people do — tell the same stories over and over.

When Management & I were looking to buy a house 8 years ago, I went to the see the house first. I called her when I got halfway down the street and said I’m not even at the house yet but we should buy it. She felt the same when she saw Randlett Park.

So if you’re reading this and thinking about buying 40 Randlett, here’s what you need to know:

This is a Day 1 street. When you’re moving in and boxes are everywhere and the kids are screaming and you & your spouse are saying stuff to each other like don’t even or some help would be nice, someone is gonna knock on your door. And their gonna ask if your kids would like to meet their kids and play.

Somebody else will knock on your door with dinner they made. They’ll bring you plastic silverware because there is no chance in hell you know which box the silverware is in. They’ll do this because they know your fridge is empty or possibly not even delivered yet. Because they know you’re tired and hungry and already had pizza 3 times this week.

Then I’ll knock and ask if you need help moving some heavy shit. Maybe tell you a little about my workouts and that everyone on the street has back issues, ‘cept me. And oh whoops I’ll have brought a six pack of cold Coors Light with me. Next thing you know we’re in the front yard going to Cold One City and watching all the kids play.

Did I actually help you move anything? That’s not really the point you guys. The point is you’re going to be part of our little community on Day 1.

5/26/2017: No takers for 136 Eliot

There has long been a tale that when God created the perfect street, there was Randlett Park.


Then a toot came out and there was Eliot Street.

136 Eliot

Look I don’t believe in tales from the olden times. But I will say this, there’s America’s Favorite Street (.com) and then there’s everybody else. 136 Eliot is a perfect example.

136 Eliot is a fully renovated 3 bed/3 bath with 2,822 sq/ft that came on the market 2 weeks ago for $1.180M.

136 Eliot2

Nice house. But it’s on Eliot. If this was on Randlett it would have been sold yesterday for one possibly two million over asking.

Smart buyers know the difference. If (and when) a home comes on Randlett it will be gone in a weekend. Look at what a little flirt I’m being you guys about a possible sale on Randlett.  Can you even stand it?

5/23/2017: Gonna be a home for sale on Randlett Park

People always tell me “your street sounds like so much fun.” Um yeah it is you guys. Cause me and my friends make it fun. 

Play your cards right and you could be in this photo. And get to tell people that you too live on America’s Favorite Street (.com). 

So when this opportunity arises, you may want to think about what’s important to you. 

Like block parties. 

Or ice cream trucks. 

Or lemonade stands. 

Or pony rides. 

Or Halloween. 

Or backyard movies. 

Or Parktoberfest. 

Or pig roasts. 

Or happy hour with a bunch of male models. 

Or snow days. 

Or an investigative reporter that chases people asking where’s the money?!

Or bald eagles. 

If any of these are a yes, then you may just want to buy yourself a home on Randlett Park.