4/12/2017: Woman that rents on Waltham keeps letting her poodle crap on my yard

Don’t even know where to start with this one you guys. A woman that rents in the raccoon house on Waltham lets her white poodle crap in my yard. Not like on the berm. In the middle of the front yard.

Everyone knows that from May 1st to possibly May 7th I have the nicest yard on Randlett. The other 51 weeks of the year maybe not so much. I mean drink it in you guys.


You might be thinking so what a dog craps in your yard. Suck it up buttercup.

The first time it happened I was inside and noticed a woman standing in our yard and her dog taking a crap. Not on the sidewalk but closer to the house. I opened the front door and the woman just looked at me.

guy blinking

Happened again last week and Management said to her “hey our kids play in the yard can you please go elsewhere?” Woman laughed at Management.

Happened again yesterday. Management said something and she started laughing again. Suzy Babe from across the street saw the whole damn thing go down.

Kind wanna be like hey person what’s your deal? Know you haven’t been in the neighborhood long but we like to be friendly here and treat each other with respect. Also why are you paying $3,150 per month in rent when raccoons lived there for free?


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