4/26/2017: Somebody get a Modpool before summer

Modpools are shipping containers you bury in your backyard. We need one on America’s Favorite Street. This one even has a window you guys.


Half the Modpool can be hot, while the other half is cool. This thing fills in minutes and can heat up 30 degrees in 1 hour.


Yes you can control the temperature & lights with your iphone. Yes you can drink IPAs in them.

They start at $26,000. So don’t tell me about a $300,000 addition you’re doing and some stuff about Italian countertops. I don’t care. Work a Modpool into the plans. Think about all the bro chill time we could be having…


4/26/2017: 56 Derby adds drone photos, finds buyer

56 Derby was on the market for 40 days at $1.489M. Nice new house that didn’t sell in 1 week like everything else. I know, #newtonproblems.

Well shit got real when the sellers brought in a drone for new photos. Aerial recon shows parking for up to 17 cars. A backyard that stretches to Waban. And the addition of 12 sad Home Depot bushes planted in front.

Intelligence tells me the buyers are going to be a nice little addition to our neighborhood. Obviously you guys don’t have clearance for this level stuff so I can’t share more.


56 Derby drone

4/12/2017: Woman that rents on Waltham keeps letting her poodle crap on my yard

Don’t even know where to start with this one you guys. A woman that rents in the raccoon house on Waltham lets her white poodle crap in my yard. Not like on the berm. In the middle of the front yard.

Everyone knows that from May 1st to possibly May 7th I have the nicest yard on Randlett. The other 51 weeks of the year maybe not so much. I mean drink it in you guys.


You might be thinking so what a dog craps in your yard. Suck it up buttercup.

The first time it happened I was inside and noticed a woman standing in our yard and her dog taking a crap. Not on the sidewalk but closer to the house. I opened the front door and the woman just looked at me.

guy blinking

Happened again last week and Management said to her “hey our kids play in the yard can you please go elsewhere?” Woman laughed at Management.

Happened again yesterday. Management said something and she started laughing again. Suzy Babe from across the street saw the whole damn thing go down.

Kind wanna be like hey person what’s your deal? Know you haven’t been in the neighborhood long but we like to be friendly here and treat each other with respect. Also why are you paying $3,150 per month in rent when raccoons lived there for free?


4/11/2017: I tried cryotherapy

First things first. I hope you guys appreciate the lengths I go to write this blog. Usually I just need like an iced coffee and 5 minutes to blog. Sometimes less. I’m either that good or that bad.

Saturday was different. Mostly because it involved liquid nitrogen and minus 90 degree temps.

Frost & Float

I went to Frost & Float Spa on Washington St. Great place, really nice family that owns it. Signed like a 10 page waiver and was brought into a changing room. Stripped down to my unmentionables and put on gloves, socks and some rubber booties. Then wrapped up in a bathrobe and headed to the cryotherapy room.

The dude that worked there was Dave (I think). Chill dude that talked me through the whole thing — which lasted 3 minutes. Dave said another customer had just left and the chamber was already cold. So I got in and took off my robe.

Dave turned on the chamber, which is cooled by two large tanks of liquid nitrogen. The gas fills and freezes the chamber. And also you.

1st minute was good. Dave was talking to me. Telling me about the benefits of cryotherapy. How brief exposure to extreme cold can help the body heal. I felt nice and cold.

2nd minute Dave asked “how you doin man?” for the first time. He must ask because of insurance reasons and not the look on my face. Temp dropped down around minus 50. Still felt pretty good.

3rd minute Dave asked twice “how you doin man?” Think he was legit worried about me. Stayed at minus 90 for a minute then got out.

I was pretty cold at that point but felt good. Dave said a lot of people come in for back pain and a rugby team was coming in Sunday.

I only did level 1 which is recommended for rookies. Level 2 goes to minus 150 and Level 3 is Ted Williams territory: minus 180.

Total cost was $45. I know some of you are dealing with pain and/or getting old as crap so I recommend giving it a try.