3/28/2017: 1482 Washington St on Mass Pike, also on market

1482 Washington is a 4 bed/2.5 bath townhome with 2,800 sq/ft that was just listed for $1.075M. Really nice looking historic home that was built in 1880.

1482 Wash

You guys remember the movie Old School? When Vince Vaughn shows up at Owen Wilson’s new place and says “you’re not near campus, you’re practically on campus.”

Old School

That’s how I feel about 1482 Washington. It’s not near the pike, it’s practically on the pike.

But you guys I would be lying if I said that’s why I blogged this. The real reason I blogged this is the master bathroom.

1482 Wash3

Tough to tell in this pic but there is a giant piece of glass between the tub & shower. Perfect for pantomime. If we lived here and Management was in the tub, these would probably be my first 2 moves.



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