3/19/2017: Pitbulls at 154 Randlett

There are 2 pitbulls at 154 Randlett. They have already attacked 2 other dogs. Please be careful with your pets when near this house you guys. 

One thought on “3/19/2017: Pitbulls at 154 Randlett

  1. Diane Krentzman Porter

    I just went next door and met Sherry the owner of the Vizsla (not pit bull as originally thought) that has been the subject of concern. The white pit bull belongs to her babysitter and has not been aggressive at all. Sherry has a 6 year old son. The dog, Annabelle, was off-leash trained and was never in an enclosed yard or required being on a leash before. She is highly protective of children and would not hurt a child according to Sherry. Sherry believes that Annabelle has had trouble adjusting to the enclosed yard and is a completely different dog at off-leash parks. She welcomes joint visits to an off-leash dog park to introduce Annabelle to other neighborhood dogs. Sherry would love to meet other neighbors and for her son to meet some of the similarly aged kids on the street. She has also agreed to the electric fence that Animal Control told me about.

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