3/17/2017: Sidekick

One of the many many perks of being neighborhood famous is people come to you with ideas. Like a neighborhood pig roast which I gave my blessing. Or planting more trees on the street which I OK’ed. A person of influence you guys. A taste maker if you will.

So when Rachel from Sidekick reached out to me this week, I thought this is clearly a person with very high business acumen. And the more I learned about Sidekick the more I liked it. What is Sidekick? Rachel will explain:

leaky faucet? broken door knob? rotting deck? We know the headaches of homeownership and we’re here to help.

guy through ceiling

Meet Sidekick, your personal home project manager. We are a concierge service that connects homeowners with a pre-qualified list of community of skilled tradesmen and handymen to handle all of your service needs. We’ll manage the bids, schedule the job, ensure it’s complete to your satisfaction and handle payment. We are your single point of contact for all your home service needs. Check us out on Facebook and visit us at http://www.sidekickhome.com

Rachel and her husband John are Newton people. They grew up with Josh Roy. Regardless of what you may/may not think of Josh, Sidekick is a good idea. They’re even having a wine tasting at Vinodivino on March 24th 6:30-8:30. Don’t even trip, you know y’all love wine.

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