2/21/2017: Hawks spotted in W. Newton

I know some of you are like I don’t even care about this. Probably because you haven’t seen them. They’re big. I mean…




Terrence spotted this gang between Fairway & Warwick over the weekend.




Hopefully they’re stalking a raccoon or skunk or something. And not a small pet. Like one of Carolyn’s 7 cats. Guess I’m not the only one that noticed how weird it’s getting you guys.




2/21/2017: 180 Cherry back on market

180 Cherry this is Earth. Come in. We have radar visual. Confirm your new price of $1.585M. Over.

180 Cherry

We are now entering Year 3 of this incredible real estate odyssey. House has been on the market 5 times with 13 different prices. To give you an idea of how long this has been going on, the first time this place came on the market same sex marriages weren’t legal. Jeb (!) was the front-runner for president. Aaron Hernandez hadn’t been convicted. Of anything!

Look I’m not saying the pats don’t get Aaron Hernandez back next season. I’m also not saying 180 Cherry doesn’t sell in 2017. But my goodness you guys. What an incredible journey.


2/19/2017: Cherry Tree has pizza now you guys 

Major announcement gang. Turn up your volumes. Cherry Tree got a pizza oven.


Went to the Tree tonight. Not because I wanted wings. Or to take it to Cold One City. I went for you guys. And for the pizza.


Which was $10 and actually ok. Look if you’re looking for artisnal stuff this is not for you. This is not hand tossed crust or grated cheese pizza.  It’s pizza when you’ve had like 10-15 beers and realize you’re gonna be hungover unless you eat something. Or pizza to throw at your kids while you watch the game and drain cold ones.

It’s pizza. At the Tree. You guys. 10 USDs.

2/15/2017: Randlett in the news and other stuff you guys

Big day in W. Newton yesterday. Homeless people stabbing each other in the Square. Getting us all over the news.




Then Ryan getting in on the news action by calling out the Mayor and City for not shoveling the sidewalks on Derby Street. Treacherous conditions you guys.




Tamara and the boys on CBS talking about how bad the sidewalks were. #NeverAgainYou Guys




America’s Favorite Street not in the news today. Just getting some potholes filled. Want the street lookin good for our next news close-up.







2/3/2017: 15 Wimbledon —> Price Cut City

15 Wimbledon is a really nice 5 bed/3.5 bath Tudor with 4,012 sq/ft. Great home on W. Newton Hill.


Been on the market for 30 days and things aren’t going well. Originally listed at $2.175M, this place was quickly reduced to $2.059M. 5 days later, it was reduced again to $1.999M. 10 days later it was dropped $150k to $1.849M.

Look nobody enjoys a trip to Price Cut City more than me. My second favorite place behind Cold One City. But you guys. This is what it looks like over at 15 Wimbledon right now.


Before you know it the price on this place will be…