1/31/2017: WSJ — The Man Cave Has a New Neighbor — the ‘She Cave’

Almost spit out my Coors Light when I saw this in the Journal today. She Caves? Pretty sure that was our idea. Is nothing sacred anymore?

So I’ll sum up this article real quick for everyone. Women are “stealing a page out of the guy playbook” and creating their own personal space around the house. Featured spaces include a she-shed with beer fridge, Parisian themed oasis with chandelier, exercise studio & Victorian shed with gas fireplace & sleeping loft.


Although the 6 women featured in the article designed their spaces differently, they all had the same motive: to get the f away from their husbands. Coincidentally, only 1 husband participated in the interview, Bill, and I’m legit concerned about his well-being. More on Bill later.


Let’s start with Ramona Jarvis from Austin, Texas. “I come out here to get away from my husband.”  I don’t like Ramona’s tone but damn if I don’t respect it. Just like this is the deal, I need space, go ahead and tell all your readers.

Or Marta Benson from Marin County, California. She is an executive VP at Pottery Barn and uses her ‘She Cave’ as a rowing studio. Her husband tried to store some bikes in there but she blocked the move. No word on where the bikes wound up. (Like Marta gives a shit).

Tess Harper from Wyoming, Ohio flat out denied her husband’s request to install a cigar fan. No explanation. Just a hard no.


The best is probably Diane Schaefer of Des Moines, Iowa. Made her husband, Bill, build her she-shed. Took him 6 years. Bill’s 77 for crying out loud! To our readers in Des Moines: please check on Bill.


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