1/30/2017: Literally just some terrible Yelp reviews of BSC W. Newton

Marie M: The same treadmill has been broken for a year. When I ask about it nobody seems to know anything about it.


Everyone knows which treadmill this is. This thing is down for the count.

Metrowest X: 5 star location and 0 stars for the atmosphere, age of equipment and space. Dark & gloomy.

Metrowest X must be talking about the basement. Scary down there. TV looks like something you’d watch Dallas re-runs on. Music is so so bad you guys. Like Jock Jams or Now That’s What I Call Music Vol 44. 

Kate K: This gym has a strange vibe.

Um what the hell is that supposed to mean Kate K? Guess you’re not into leotards. Or super high leg kicks. Sorry but not sorry for being FABULOUS Kate K.




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