1/30/2017: Frost & Float Spa opening in 2 weeks in W. Newton

Frost & Float Spa is opening in 2 weeks on Washington Street. Across the street from Dunkin, near the car dealership. Got a tour on Friday of the place even though they’re not open. Benefits of being press and/or neighborhood famous I guess. Place looks awesome.


Look I’m not a spa guy. Not gonna find me in a robe with cucumbers on my eyes. But this place has cryotherapy.


You might be like what’s cryotherapy? Is that where you get to sob about the election? No you guys — it’s a giant chamber you stand in that instantly freezes to temps around 200 degrees below. You stand in there for 2-3 minutes and it helps heal muscles, ease nerve pain, maybe even boost your immune system. Internet suggest it can also stop aging, which sounds about right.

They also have a float pod. The float pod is a lightless, soundproof pod that is filled with warm water and about 1,500 pounds of epsalm salt. Go in here for an hour sleep, meditate — basically shut down ops for a bit.


Gonna hit this place up when it opens and report back gang.

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