1/27/2017: $1,700/month for a tiny 1 bed in W. Newton?

Welcome to 94 River St. Listed at 0 sq/ft, this apartment has been on the market for 93 days. 1 small pet is allowed, so they can share in the sadness with you. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Here’s the kitchen. Actually nice so I can’t be snarky. Just kidding. That light fixture sucks.


My understanding is this is the living room.


The bedroom features not 1 but 2 electrical outlets. Not unrealistic to think you could have a lamp, alarm clock AND charge your phone in here. Meet someone special at the Cherry Tree? Bring em home! You still have 1 more socket so they can charge their phone.


Also 4 plants you guys.


A bush. Show your friend from the Cherry Tree.


$6,800 to move into this place. That includes 1 parking. And possibly a bathroom. But the laundry is coin-op so your real costs are $6,800 to move in + 16 quarters each time you do laundry.


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