1/18/2017: Leafblower restriction passes vote

Newton City Council voted last night in favor of banning gas powered leaf blowers from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Electric blowers can be used but must be at a noise level of 65db or less (equivalent of a dishwasher running).

Management & I had a split reaction to this.


I mean yeah leafblowers are loud. Especially when landscapers start at 6am in the summer and you wonder why they’re even using them. So I get why Management, and probably most of you, are for the restriction.

My argument against the restriction isn’t even that good. It’s just POWER TOOLS. I’m a man (obviously), I own POWER TOOLS (naturally), I want to use them (frequently). Not gonna plug in a hairdryer to clean up my yard. Gonna use POWER TOOLS. Cuz I have them and it’s America you guys. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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