1/16/2017: John & Carolyn’s kitchen & master bath renovation (part deux)

Hey you guys. John from #90 here. Dave decided to blog shame me into writing another post about our kitchen for the blog. I guess it worked. This post is gonna be a real gem. Totally worth the wait. Dave is going to love it, too:

So you guys didn’t see my first post? That’s okay, no one else read it either. A quick refresher on the details: we had a budget of $125k to gut our kitchen (including opening it to the dining room) and our master bathroom with a project plan that broke ground in early October and ended in mid December. Want more detail? Read part 1.

Here’s how things worked out: The budget…What budget, you guys? Our general contractor, Britton Homes, came in close to their estimate, but we added on a pile of extras (better tile, additional cabinets, etc). Total price: $150k. More importantly, Britton Homes finished the job on time and we were back in our kitchen right before Christmas. Pretty good stuff, you guys.

In the end, Britton Homes was definitely the right choice for us. Highly recommend these guys. Great attention to detail, really easy communication (send an email or text…they respond…how bout that?), and a desire to do good work on time. Maybe they’ll even get on the recommended contractors list on here.

As for the kitchen and bathroom, below are some pics…of the kitchen. I didn’t include pics of the bathroom. Sorry you guys. But I can assure you that unlike most posts on this blog, I’m not in there right now writing this. Anyway, here are the pictures you guys:

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