1/10/2017: WSJ — the his & hers kitchen

Today’s blog comes from fantasy land — AKA the Wall Street Journal real estate section. Gonna sum this up real quick for you guys. Very rich people are now making gigantic kitchens with double, even triple, appliances and multiple islands so there’s “enough room for all the chef’s in the kitchen.”

Think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I mean talk about #richpeopleproblems huh?

Take Don & Rela. They have an 8,800 sq/ft home that’s on the market for $21.5M. In Napa. They have 4 islands. Before Christmas, they used one of the islands for coring & steaming persimmons.

Don & Rela — what are you even talking about. Persimmons on Christmas? You’ve got this insane kitchen, the Wall Street Journal over and oh yeah you live in Napa. This is tenderloin and wine time. If I had a handful of persimmons right now I would throw it/them/whatever at my laptop.




Next is Akiva & Sharon. With their 15,000 sq/ft vacation home in the Hamptons they’re selling for $8.995M. Akiva built the house with his brother. Guy’s name is Yale. Not even kidding you guys.

The $500,000 kitchen measures 1,100 sq/ft — probably to make room for the double fridge & freezers. I just look at this set up and think imagine all the people you could take to cold one city. Look at the wine fridge. Empty. Bet Yale had some golf buddies over for a tasting and then forgot to re-stock. Hey Yale – this is why Akiva & Sharon want to sell. Because you do inconsiderate stuff like this.



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