1/6/2017: Could Zillow’s Make Me Move be any more obnoxious?

Everybody knows Zillow. The real estate site that uses an algorithm to determine the current market value of your home. Don’t ask me how it works. I failed algebra 2 in high school. Management tried to tutor me but I was always like why don’t we study in my room?

Enough about high school tho. Zillow has a feature called Make Me Move. Homeowners can put a price on their home that would be high enough for them to move without formally putting their house on the market.

It’s so obnoxious you guys. You get a bunch of homeowners that throw up ridiculous prices just to see what happens. Well let me tell you what happens. Nothing. They wind up insulting buyers who are generally smart people. It would be like me posting my house for $2 million on Make Me Move. I only have 1 bathroom upstairs and it’s atrocious.

Take 17 Howard for example. It’s over near Franklin and on Make Me Move for $975k.



Who eats like this? With a giant vase next to you? The flowers would be like scratching the side of your face while you chew. Good luck talking to the person next to you. You’d have to like look around or under the flowers to see them. Honestly you guys.

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