1/31/2017: WSJ — The Man Cave Has a New Neighbor — the ‘She Cave’

Almost spit out my Coors Light when I saw this in the Journal today. She Caves? Pretty sure that was our idea. Is nothing sacred anymore?

So I’ll sum up this article real quick for everyone. Women are “stealing a page out of the guy playbook” and creating their own personal space around the house. Featured spaces include a she-shed with beer fridge, Parisian themed oasis with chandelier, exercise studio & Victorian shed with gas fireplace & sleeping loft.


Although the 6 women featured in the article designed their spaces differently, they all had the same motive: to get the f away from their husbands. Coincidentally, only 1 husband participated in the interview, Bill, and I’m legit concerned about his well-being. More on Bill later.


Let’s start with Ramona Jarvis from Austin, Texas. “I come out here to get away from my husband.”  I don’t like Ramona’s tone but damn if I don’t respect it. Just like this is the deal, I need space, go ahead and tell all your readers.

Or Marta Benson from Marin County, California. She is an executive VP at Pottery Barn and uses her ‘She Cave’ as a rowing studio. Her husband tried to store some bikes in there but she blocked the move. No word on where the bikes wound up. (Like Marta gives a shit).

Tess Harper from Wyoming, Ohio flat out denied her husband’s request to install a cigar fan. No explanation. Just a hard no.


The best is probably Diane Schaefer of Des Moines, Iowa. Made her husband, Bill, build her she-shed. Took him 6 years. Bill’s 77 for crying out loud! To our readers in Des Moines: please check on Bill.


1/30/2017: Literally just some terrible Yelp reviews of BSC W. Newton

Marie M: The same treadmill has been broken for a year. When I ask about it nobody seems to know anything about it.


Everyone knows which treadmill this is. This thing is down for the count.

Metrowest X: 5 star location and 0 stars for the atmosphere, age of equipment and space. Dark & gloomy.

Metrowest X must be talking about the basement. Scary down there. TV looks like something you’d watch Dallas re-runs on. Music is so so bad you guys. Like Jock Jams or Now That’s What I Call Music Vol 44. 

Kate K: This gym has a strange vibe.

Um what the hell is that supposed to mean Kate K? Guess you’re not into leotards. Or super high leg kicks. Sorry but not sorry for being FABULOUS Kate K.




1/30/2017: Frost & Float Spa opening in 2 weeks in W. Newton

Frost & Float Spa is opening in 2 weeks on Washington Street. Across the street from Dunkin, near the car dealership. Got a tour on Friday of the place even though they’re not open. Benefits of being press and/or neighborhood famous I guess. Place looks awesome.


Look I’m not a spa guy. Not gonna find me in a robe with cucumbers on my eyes. But this place has cryotherapy.


You might be like what’s cryotherapy? Is that where you get to sob about the election? No you guys — it’s a giant chamber you stand in that instantly freezes to temps around 200 degrees below. You stand in there for 2-3 minutes and it helps heal muscles, ease nerve pain, maybe even boost your immune system. Internet suggest it can also stop aging, which sounds about right.

They also have a float pod. The float pod is a lightless, soundproof pod that is filled with warm water and about 1,500 pounds of epsalm salt. Go in here for an hour sleep, meditate — basically shut down ops for a bit.


Gonna hit this place up when it opens and report back gang.

1/27/2017: $1,700/month for a tiny 1 bed in W. Newton?

Welcome to 94 River St. Listed at 0 sq/ft, this apartment has been on the market for 93 days. 1 small pet is allowed, so they can share in the sadness with you. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Here’s the kitchen. Actually nice so I can’t be snarky. Just kidding. That light fixture sucks.


My understanding is this is the living room.


The bedroom features not 1 but 2 electrical outlets. Not unrealistic to think you could have a lamp, alarm clock AND charge your phone in here. Meet someone special at the Cherry Tree? Bring em home! You still have 1 more socket so they can charge their phone.


Also 4 plants you guys.


A bush. Show your friend from the Cherry Tree.


$6,800 to move into this place. That includes 1 parking. And possibly a bathroom. But the laundry is coin-op so your real costs are $6,800 to move in + 16 quarters each time you do laundry.


1/18/2017: Leafblower restriction passes vote

Newton City Council voted last night in favor of banning gas powered leaf blowers from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Electric blowers can be used but must be at a noise level of 65db or less (equivalent of a dishwasher running).

Management & I had a split reaction to this.


I mean yeah leafblowers are loud. Especially when landscapers start at 6am in the summer and you wonder why they’re even using them. So I get why Management, and probably most of you, are for the restriction.

My argument against the restriction isn’t even that good. It’s just POWER TOOLS. I’m a man (obviously), I own POWER TOOLS (naturally), I want to use them (frequently). Not gonna plug in a hairdryer to clean up my yard. Gonna use POWER TOOLS. Cuz I have them and it’s America you guys. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

1/16/2017: John & Carolyn’s kitchen & master bath renovation (part deux)

Hey you guys. John from #90 here. Dave decided to blog shame me into writing another post about our kitchen for the blog. I guess it worked. This post is gonna be a real gem. Totally worth the wait. Dave is going to love it, too:

So you guys didn’t see my first post? That’s okay, no one else read it either. A quick refresher on the details: we had a budget of $125k to gut our kitchen (including opening it to the dining room) and our master bathroom with a project plan that broke ground in early October and ended in mid December. Want more detail? Read part 1.

Here’s how things worked out: The budget…What budget, you guys? Our general contractor, Britton Homes, came in close to their estimate, but we added on a pile of extras (better tile, additional cabinets, etc). Total price: $150k. More importantly, Britton Homes finished the job on time and we were back in our kitchen right before Christmas. Pretty good stuff, you guys.

In the end, Britton Homes was definitely the right choice for us. Highly recommend these guys. Great attention to detail, really easy communication (send an email or text…they respond…how bout that?), and a desire to do good work on time. Maybe they’ll even get on the recommended contractors list on here.

As for the kitchen and bathroom, below are some pics…of the kitchen. I didn’t include pics of the bathroom. Sorry you guys. But I can assure you that unlike most posts on this blog, I’m not in there right now writing this. Anyway, here are the pictures you guys: