12/22/2016: Christmas come early on Randlett

Everyone knows I had the nicest lawn on the street for like 9 days during the spring. Then I started using Christian’s electric mower – which is more like one of those suck & cut hair trimmers you see on infomercials. Then the drought hit. And Trump won the election and my lawn died. 

But I’m not gonna blog a bunch of excuses. Gonna blog about my new mower that Management and her parents, The Board of Directors, got me for Christmas. 

You might be like oh shit is that a Honda HRR216VKA? Um yeah – it is you guys. From Farina’s? Get the f out of here. 

21″ radius. 3-1 variable speed. Self propelled. You name it. 

No excuses in 2017 gang. Hope Santa is good to everyone. 

One thought on “12/22/2016: Christmas come early on Randlett

  1. Dale

    Looks just like mine! If I had known, you could have borrowed!🙂 Then again, maybe Ryan can learn how to use it so I can hire him to cut my lawn !

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