12/21/2016: 45 Lindbergh for rent at $5,100/month

Unbeknownst to yours truly, a robbery occurred on June 24th in our neighborhood. Don’t bother checking the police report — it’s not in there. The robbery occurred at 45 Lindbergh. What was stolen you might ask? The whole damn property you guys. House sold for $425k.


Um…yeah… 425,000 USDs. Just a cold-blooded robbery by the buyer.

Well the house has been under major renovation since and just hit the rental market for $5,100. That’s per month gang. For a 3 bed/2 bath home with 2,381 sq/ft.

Look I don’t know who this buyer/owner is. But he seems ruthless. Like Rick James in the Chappelle Show. Cold blooded. Habitual line stepper. And treating the 02465 market like somebody’s couch.


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