11/30/2016: Still raking on Randlett

Every year you guys. This is the last tree on Randlett with leaves. Happens to be right in front of my house.

I mean everybody else is done raking. Moved onto holiday cards or parties. Not me. I’m out in the cold with the leaf blower trying to blow leaves that are frosted to the grass into a big pile. Each leaf takes like 10 seconds to become unstuck from the ground.

Then I realize yard waste pick-up ends Friday.


How the hell does this tree know when yard waste pick-up ends each year? For the 7th year in a row, I’m gonna be stuck with barrels of trash, rain & snow until March.

You guys might be like #Newtonproblems — stop crying. There are more serious problems in the world. But you gotta know gang the struggle is real. Just remember that while you’re sipping eggnog or sitting next to a warm fire. I’m outside. Raking. In the cold. In the dark. Still.



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