11/22/2016: 936 Watertown is still old as crap but has new diabolical price

Such a diabolical real estate move you guys. 936 Watertown has been on the market for 94 days. Old as crap.

936 Watertown2

Originally listed at $3,200 — much to the delight of people that enjoy funny real estate stuff. Or just funny stuff in general. Price has come all the way down to $2,799. Until today.

936 Watertown4

They increased the price $1. To $2,800. Can’t even stand how diabolical this move is! Kinda tempted to call the broker and be like I have a client that would do it at $2,799 — is there any room on price? LOL.

936 Watertown3

I mean the bathrooms gang. Just look at the bathrooms.

936 Watertown5


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