11/8/2016: Post election agenda for America’s Favorite Street (.com)

Um is anybody not happy that it’s election day? Can’t wait to put this whole thing behind us and get down to business with the Carson administration.


This guy is a true visionary. Which is why America’s Favorite Street (.com) endorsed him on March 1st. Some would say a tipping point in the campaign. Others would say he dropped out of the race the next day. Either way, I voted for him and think he’s got this on lock. I mean the other two candidates made a real mess of this thing.

In case you haven’t been reading a lot about politics lately gang, I will explain something to you. When you endorse a candidate, they owe you. In Dr. Carson’s case, you could say he owes me “big time.” So here’s my year 1 agenda:

First and foremost, we need to get 180 Cherry sold. This property has been in orbit now for almost 400 days. Let’s bring this sale home you guys. Still not been able to establish comms with 180 Cherry but I’ll try again.

180 Cherry this is Earth. Come in.


180 Cherry

Second, all the stores at Constantine Place are still empty. It’s been a year you guys. This real estate is not so hard. I’m a simple caveman but they let me do it. Build building, let people rent space and pay you USDs each month. We’re gonna need the Commander-in-Chief to step in here I think.


Lastly, we need Dr. Carson to call Mayor Warren and be like you gotta do something about the intersection at Fairway/Waltham. Just not sure how much more Terrence’s fence can take.





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