11/7/2016: Another accident at Fairway/Waltham

If you feel like you’ve already read this blog post. You have. There was another accident at Fairway/Waltham last Friday morning. I believe this is the 12th accident there in 5 years. The last was an OUI that took out Terrence’s fence in April. Driver’s bumper was left in his yard.


This is a dangerous intersection you guys. Think we need to do something about it. A stop sign, stop light, blinking yellow light, speed bump, something/anything to slow drivers down. If you agree, you can e-mail the following people at the City to take action on this:

Tedd Hess Mahan (City Councilor): thessmahan@newtonma.gov

Shane Mark (Director of Operations, Public Works): smark@newtonma.gov


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