11/30/2016: Ugly sweater party at Paddy’s this Saturday

Suzy babe just alerted me to this. Ugly sweater party at Paddy’s this Saturday 12-3pm. Prizes for the ugliest sweater. Which sounds like a beer glass. Um — thanks?


I may/may not be attending this event due to previous commitments. (I typically book up fast around the holidays). Obviously if I went I would win and come home half-drunk with a dozen Sam Adams Winter beer glasses and make the kids chant DAD! DAD! DAD! Maybe Management too.

My sweater isn’t ugly. Isn’t even that Christmas-y. But every time I wear it you guys seems to dig it.

11/30/2016: Still raking on Randlett

Every year you guys. This is the last tree on Randlett with leaves. Happens to be right in front of my house.

I mean everybody else is done raking. Moved onto holiday cards or parties. Not me. I’m out in the cold with the leaf blower trying to blow leaves that are frosted to the grass into a big pile. Each leaf takes like 10 seconds to become unstuck from the ground.

Then I realize yard waste pick-up ends Friday.


How the hell does this tree know when yard waste pick-up ends each year? For the 7th year in a row, I’m gonna be stuck with barrels of trash, rain & snow until March.

You guys might be like #Newtonproblems — stop crying. There are more serious problems in the world. But you gotta know gang the struggle is real. Just remember that while you’re sipping eggnog or sitting next to a warm fire. I’m outside. Raking. In the cold. In the dark. Still.



11/24/2016: Holiday lights on street

First off, Happy Thanksgiving you guys. Hope your surrounded by family & friends, enjoying good food and a million Coors Lights. 

Ok back to business. Due to the overwhelming response I received for holiday lights on trees in the berm, I’m declaring it on. 

I mean Carolyn wants it so she’s gonna get it. My lights will be live on Sunday. Sure Carolyn’s will be too. Don’t leave us hangin gang. Like you did on Facebook. 😬

11/22/2016: 936 Watertown is still old as crap but has new diabolical price

Such a diabolical real estate move you guys. 936 Watertown has been on the market for 94 days. Old as crap.

936 Watertown2

Originally listed at $3,200 — much to the delight of people that enjoy funny real estate stuff. Or just funny stuff in general. Price has come all the way down to $2,799. Until today.

936 Watertown4

They increased the price $1. To $2,800. Can’t even stand how diabolical this move is! Kinda tempted to call the broker and be like I have a client that would do it at $2,799 — is there any room on price? LOL.

936 Watertown3

I mean the bathrooms gang. Just look at the bathrooms.

936 Watertown5


11/22/2016: Both condos at 108-110 Warwick under agreement

After 100 days on market and several major price cuts, both condos at 108-110 Warwick are now under agreement. 108 is a 3 bed/2 bath with 1,500 sq/ft that was originally listed at $750k. The price was cut to $629k then they found a buyer.

108 Warwick1

110 Warwick was originally listed for $775k. Also a 3 bed/2 bath with 1,500 sq/ft. The price was cut to $699k before going under agreement.

108 Warwick2

This real estate it’s not so hard you guys. They let this person do it.



11/22/2016: Holiday lights on trees in the berm?

Can we even do this you guys? Might look really nice if we wrapped some of the trees that sit in the berm in holiday lights. Maybe even a little lighting ceremony? There could be drinks after. Obviously — feel like I don’t even need to say that.



Look I don’t care if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever. Let’s make the street look celebratory for a few weeks. I mean we won — we’re America’s Favorite Street!

In case you’re wondering how this could even be possible, it’s called an extension cord. And it would go from the house, over the sidewalk, to the tree.

Bill Murray


11/9/2016: 154 Randlett for rent, still

Jeopardy format for today’s blog you guys.


Contestant: Alex I’ll take The Real Estate for $100.

Alex: A home currently for rent on America’s Favorite Street.

Contestant: What is 154 Randlett Park?


Alex: Correct.

Contestant: The Real Estate for $200.

Alex: Activity on the property over the past 2 months.

Contestant: What is not much?


Alex: Correct.

Contestant: The Real Estate for $300 please Alex.

Alex: These things are not helping the property rent.

Contestant: What are the photos, price & condition of the property?

Alex: Correct.


Contestant: Alex The Real Estate for $400.

Alex: It’s been said this is the best reason to move to Randlett Park.

Contestant: What are the neighbors?

Alex: Correct!






11/8/2016: Post election agenda for America’s Favorite Street (.com)

Um is anybody not happy that it’s election day? Can’t wait to put this whole thing behind us and get down to business with the Carson administration.


This guy is a true visionary. Which is why America’s Favorite Street (.com) endorsed him on March 1st. Some would say a tipping point in the campaign. Others would say he dropped out of the race the next day. Either way, I voted for him and think he’s got this on lock. I mean the other two candidates made a real mess of this thing.

In case you haven’t been reading a lot about politics lately gang, I will explain something to you. When you endorse a candidate, they owe you. In Dr. Carson’s case, you could say he owes me “big time.” So here’s my year 1 agenda:

First and foremost, we need to get 180 Cherry sold. This property has been in orbit now for almost 400 days. Let’s bring this sale home you guys. Still not been able to establish comms with 180 Cherry but I’ll try again.

180 Cherry this is Earth. Come in.


180 Cherry

Second, all the stores at Constantine Place are still empty. It’s been a year you guys. This real estate is not so hard. I’m a simple caveman but they let me do it. Build building, let people rent space and pay you USDs each month. We’re gonna need the Commander-in-Chief to step in here I think.


Lastly, we need Dr. Carson to call Mayor Warren and be like you gotta do something about the intersection at Fairway/Waltham. Just not sure how much more Terrence’s fence can take.





11/7/2016: Another accident at Fairway/Waltham

If you feel like you’ve already read this blog post. You have. There was another accident at Fairway/Waltham last Friday morning. I believe this is the 12th accident there in 5 years. The last was an OUI that took out Terrence’s fence in April. Driver’s bumper was left in his yard.


This is a dangerous intersection you guys. Think we need to do something about it. A stop sign, stop light, blinking yellow light, speed bump, something/anything to slow drivers down. If you agree, you can e-mail the following people at the City to take action on this:

Tedd Hess Mahan (City Councilor): thessmahan@newtonma.gov

Shane Mark (Director of Operations, Public Works): smark@newtonma.gov


11/2/2016: Don’t tell anybody but the Pike has been awesome lately

Think everybody knows by now I have an important job. Downtown. Run into some of you guys in Boston and yelled “DOWNTOWN” at you. Mostly just Sarah and her attorney buddies though.

Getting downtown isn’t always easy and that can be stressful. But the Pike lately you guys😍. Not sure if it’s because the Brighton tolls are already down. Or drivers are avoiding the Pike during construction. I don’t know and I don’t care — kinda like algebra 2.

For the 3rd day in a row the Pike has been awesome!!

And I mean awesome like the new babysitter shows up early and says she’s only $10 an hour. Or like freshman year of college when you get into the bar then your buddy does too and y’all be like RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BOUNCER.

Kid n Play

Took me 20 minutes to get to the office today. But keep this on the low you guys — don’t ruin it for me.